Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Music Rehabilitation Center processes personal information for following reasons.


1. Processed personal information is not used except for the following purposes. If a purpose of use has changed, Music Rehabilitation Center shall ask for user’s agreement in advance. 

(a) Website registration and management

Personal information is processed for the purpose of confirming intention of user’s registration, distinguishing and verifying identity resulting from service provision of membership, maintaining and managing membership, identity verification by enforcement of limited Identity Verification System, preventing service abuse, confirming whether a parent or guardian agrees when collecting personal information of children under age 13, notifying various notices, handling problems, keeping records for mediating disputes.

(b) Process of civil affairs

We process personal information for identity verification of civil client, confirmation of civil affairs, contact or notification for fact investigation, notification of process result, etc.

(c) Provision of commodities or services

Music Rehabilitation Center processes personal information for service provision, contents provision, customized service provision, identity verification, age verification, etc.


2. Details of Personal Information Music Rehabilitation Center Collects

(a) Internet user’s information

Nationality, email address, first name, last name, password, existence and nonexistence of disability, birth date, phone number, address, phone number of shipping address, shipping address, post code of shipping address, affiliation, whether or not email subscription, and others


3. Process of Personal Information and Period of Possession

Music Rehabilitation Center processes and possesses personal information within the period of possession and use of personal information by Act or the period agreed by information owner during collection of personal information

(a) Period of process and possession of personal information is as follows.

(i) Website user’s registration and management: By when user withdraws the website membership

However, in the event of the following reasons, website user’s registration and management are by when the corresponding reason is terminated.

- If an investigation is ongoing resulting from violating relevant Act, website user’s registration and management are by the time when the investigation is finished.

(ii) Process of civil affairs: 3 years after termination of the civil affairs

(iii) Possession of identity verification information by article 29 in Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.: 6 months after post of information on notice board is terminated


4. User has rights to refuse agreement to personal information collected by Music Rehabilitation Center. When he or she refuses, user registration is impossible; but services provided for non-user such as news are accessible.