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Website to download Japanese Braille music scores-点譜連

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We would like to introduce JumBoYeon(点譜連), which is located in Tokyo, Japan. This means a contact group for a Braille music use where Braille music score users, transcribers, etc. use and contact.

Web address


1. Goal of business

To make a list of Braille music scores written by volunteer groups of Braille music transcription in Japan, to make a system in order to share private Braille music scores with other users, distribute, etc.

2. Website menu

Introduction of business and history, Braille music scores(lists, trends of Braille music scores, reference materials, etc.), list of Braille music, news, etc.

3. Executive office +81-3-3209-0241

4. Types of music

- Vocal music: Songs based on vocals such as lyric songs, trot, choir music, etc.

- Keyboards music: Instrumental music with the keyboards such as piano, organ, electone, etc.

- String music: Instrumental music focusing on the string such as violin, viola, cello, guitar, etc.

- Wind music: Instrumental music with woodwind or brass instruments such as flute, oboe, saxophone, etc.

- Other musical instruments: Snare drum, timpani, handbell, and other various musical instruments which are not part of the above

- Other music: songs besides so-called Western songs such as 箏曲, 三絃, 大正琴, etc.

- Theory and others: Other materials such as books related to musical grammar, theory, etc. besides music itself

5. This website has similar search functionality to our Music Rehabilitation Center. You can search and be provided Braille music scores after signing up as a member.